"Recipes were made to be shared.  That's how they improve, how they change, how new ideas are formed and older ones made ripe."
~ Molly Wizenburg

Like Molly, I believe that recipes need to be shared.  Also like Molly, I dislike measuring everything down to the 1/8 teaspoon and following a cookbook like a field manual.

I tend to treat recipes as no more than guidelines.  The cooking method I most enjoy -  and with which I achieve the best results - can best be described as "winging it."  The combinations and proportions noted here are the ones that have worked for me.  Some of the recipes are my own, and I've tried to give proper attribution to the ones that aren't.  Feel free to make your own tweaks, improve them and pass them on: that's what cooking is all about.


Appetizers and Sides

Main Events

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