Maria’s Pantry

If you're curious to know how I ended up doing an inventory of my pantry, click here.  It wasn't an OCD thing.  Really.

all-purpose flour



anchovy paste

artichoke hearts, canned



baking powder

baking soda

bay leaves

beef soup stock paste (Thai)


bitter melon tea

black bean and garlic sauce

black bean sauce

bonito flakes

bulgur wheat


capers, pickled

caramel dessert sauce

cayenne pepper

celery seed

century eggs

champorado mix


chicken stock powder

chili garlic paste

chili oil

chili peppers, dried

chili powder

chipotle Tabasco

chipotles (whole)

chocolate chips for fondue


cinnamon bark

cinnamon sticks

cinnamon, ground

cloves, whole

coconut milk

coffee, espresso

coffee, instant

condensed milk


couscous, assorted flavours

crab meat

crackers, assorted (gold tin)

cranberries, dried

cranberry and mandarin orange sauce

cranberry jelly

cream of tartar

crushed pineapple

curry paste, green (Thai)

curry powder, pastes (assorted)

custard mix

dates, baking

dip mixes, assorted

fennel seed

fermented cheese (Chinese)

fines herbes

fish stock powder

five-spice powder

fruit spreads for cheeses

garlic pepper seasoning

garlic powder

garlic sauce

garlic, pickled

ginger, ground

ginger, pickled

grape leaves, canned


honey garlic sauce

honey graham cracker crumbs


hot chocolate mix

hot pepper flakes

hot pepper paste (red box)

iced tea mix

Italian seasoning

jams and marmalade, various

Japanese flavourings (assorted, in packets)

Japanese stuff in jar


laing, canned

laksa noodle kit


lemon extract

Liquid Smoke

Louisiana hot sauce

mackerel fillets

mangoes, dried

matzo ball mix

Mediterranean chicken spice

milk powder


mushroom bouillon cubes

mustard seed

mustard, Dijon

mustard, hot

mustard, yellow

noodle soups, assorted flavours

noodles, various

nutmeg, ground

nutmeg, whole


oil, canola

oil, corn

oil, extra virgin olive

oil, grapeseed

oil, sesame

onion powder

onion soup mix

onions, fried

oregano leaves

oyster sauce

pancake mix


paprika, Hungarian

parmiggiano reggiano

pasta sauce

pasta, various

pepper, ground white

peppercorns, black

peppercorns, multicoloured

pickle relish

pickled eggplant, Italian

pickled eggplant, Japanese

pickled peppers

pickled things, Japanese, assorted

poppy seeds

porcini mushrooms, dried

prawns, minced in spices

rice, long grain

rice, paella

rice, sticky

rice, sushi


rosemary leaves


sage, ground

salad crunchies

salad dressings, assorted

salmon, canned

salt, various

sambal olek

satay sauce

seafood stock mix (Knorr)

seaweed, dried


sesame paste

sesame sauce

sesame seeds, black

sesame seeds, white

shitake mushrooms, dried

Singapore satay seasoning

sinigang mix

soup stock for hot pot

soy sauce, various


spicy bake mix (red box)

sugar, icing

sugar, table

sundried tomatoes

sushi vinegar powder

sweet red bean paste

Szechuan peppercorns

Szechuan sauce


tapioca starch

tarragon leaves

teas, various

tempura batter mix

thyme, dried

thyme, ground

tocino mix

tomato paste

vanilla extract

vegetable broth

vinegar, balsamic

vinegar, balsamic (white, syrup)

vinegar, Chinkiang

vinegar sauce, Vietnamese, for spring rolls

wasabi peas

wasabi powder

Wei Tai (thick soy sauce)

Worcestershire sauce 

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