Thursday, January 13, 2011

Feed the hungry

In India, Narayanan Krishnan quit his job as a chef in a swanky city hotel to feed the poor of his own hometown.

The sight of a fellow human being, starving and suffering, made him wonder what he was really put on earth for. Now he believes he has found his true purpose in life.

He isn't content with simply providing food. That would be a lot already - but Narayanan goes even further than that. He bathes them, cuts their hair, shaves them, talks to them, embraces them.

Not only does he feed people's bodies, he also feeds their souls by showing them love.

There is no greater joy than feeding someone who is really hungry - whether it's bodily hunger, or soul hunger. We all have the capacity to answer these needs in the people around us.

Maybe for most of us it won't require something as drastic as quitting our jobs to devote ourselves to charitable work. But each of us can certainly share a meal, a cup of coffee, a smile, a kind word.

Each of us can think, "There is someone out there who needs me right now," and it would be true.

Give today.


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