Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gifts of Autumn

I've received some lovely presents this fall. First, my friend Anna brought me a pumpkin from her garden. Then my friend Pat gave me a little bag of mixed quinoa from The Grainry on Granville Island. Well, I thought it was a little bag, but it has magically multiplied to feed six people plus plenty more for lunches this week. Quinoa is indeed a wonder grain - watch for a post on it, coming soon!

Last but not least, my sister sent me a new apron - with pockets - and a cheery red, yellow, and brown pattern.

Mother Nature has been generous with her gifts, too, and just as colourful. Autumn is really becoming my favourite time of the year. I hope you are having a beautiful and fruitful season!

Bowl of (raw) quinoa

Tree in Sutcliffe Park, Granville Island

Autumn colours

Fall foliage, Granville Island

Some of nature's bounty


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