Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Are you feeling tired, stressed and run-down?

Here's a piece of good advice someone once gave me: get rid of the little stressors. We all have them - little things that we simply put up with because they seem so small and silly, they're not worth the trouble. Or maybe we think we just don't have the time to deal with them. And yet, once we take a few minutes to actually make that tiny change, what a huge difference it makes!

A friend of mine replaced a coin purse that kept popping open and spilling her change. Another friend changed her office chair. I myself stopped wearing contact lenses - they irritated my eyes, especially at the end of the day, and caused frequent headaches. Got myself a trendy pair of glasses. And I've been headache-free for weeks. (That's just literally speaking, of course.)

Look around you. Maybe you just need to find a more comfortable pair of shoes. (Honestly, sometimes I look at some women's faces, then down at their feet, and I think, "Well, no wonder she's so grumpy.") Maybe you need to move a piece of furniture you keep banging your hip against. Maybe you need to sharpen your kitchen knives so food prep will be easier. Maybe you should spend those last (or first) few minutes in bed praying or meditating instead of worrying. Maybe you and your spouse need to get your own separate tubes of toothpaste that each of you can squeeze wherever you want. It really could be that simple and that easy.

I'm not saying that the secret to happiness is a stress-free life. But I think it makes sound sense to fix the things we can fix, so we can clear our heads and save our time and energy for life's bigger challenges. 


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