Sunday, August 09, 2009

The delights of anticipation

Last summer Mimi and I almost killed this blueberry bush out of neglect. In fact, we had already given it up for dead. But lo and behold, this spring it put out leaves...then flowers...then finally, fruit!!! There is nothing so mouthwatering as watching these green globules ripen to a dusky purple, day by summer day. When they were finally ripe, we went out with a small bowl to take in our precious harvest. The next day we enjoyed the blueberries on top of vanilla icecream, drizzled with a bit of white balsamic vinegar syrup. Perhaps if we all learned to grow at least some of our own vegetables and fruit, we would learn a lot about patience, the delights of anticipation, and the satisfaction of attaining something that we have worked for, taken care of, and finally gives itself to us in its proper time and due season. What a contrast to instant, empty gratification!


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