Sunday, March 28, 2010

Holy feasting

Feasts mean food. This week is no different. It's Passover for the Jewish people, the Easter Triduum for Christians. It's a time for bitter herbs and unleavened bread, for fasting and abstinence. But it's also a time for joy, celebration, and thanksgiving to a bounteous God for a plenitude of grace.

Check out the National Post's Food Quarterly (link at right) for Easter and Passover recipes, and for an interesting commentary on the menagerie of chocolate animals that seem to have displaced the Easter bunny.

Also, below is the recipe for my Good Friday dish: Steamed Salmon and Tofu with Garlic. I got it from a newspaper clipping which I've since lost. God bless the chef who shared it! Have a blessed Holy Week!



Tita Yiying said...

Macks, your presentation of the steamed salmon recipe is so cool! Your recipes all look so good and delectable, very enticing! I wish I have people to feed so I can be prompted to try your recipes. Well, one of these days, I wont be able to resist any longer, even if I have to feed only myself. Keep them coming! Thanks for sharing!

rizalvaro said...

Mmmm Ate...SO UNFAIR! Why aren't you sharing with me?? Can't wait to see you guys on Sunday :) I knew that seafood is up there in my favourite categories of eats!

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